Challenges in Aircraft Parts Supply: Aventure Offers Tips for Operators

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Leaders at Aventure Aviation recently shared tips on what operators should look for with aircraft supply in today’s challenging business climate.

“As the recovery begins, we recommend operators streamline their parts supply lines by owning minimum inventory,” said Amyr Qureshi, Aventure’s Senior Vice President. “Review your current assets and segregate the excess inventory from vital parts.”

A consistent recommendation was to contact specialists who sell excess inventories and know how to build partnerships with key suppliers with proven track records. Also, seeking out buyers for retired aircraft and selling them promptly with or without engines. If aircraft are coming out of storage, relationships should be established with companies who can supply parts and component repair management, so that airlines can concentrate on their business of flying passengers safely and comfortably. 

“We are ready to form working partnerships with airlines, form alliances with component MRO shops, build a new distribution channels for OEMs as well as help investors who wish to relocate their assets from other parts suppliers to a more secure and robust company,” added Mr. Qureshi.