Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Component repair and overhaul

Aventure covers the entire spectrum of ATA chapters in managing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) components through long-standing partnerships with reputable FAA 145 and EASA 145 approved repair stations. All shops we partner with have undergone Aventure’s full inspection criteria and have established industry credentials.

Consider us an extension of your organization that is dedicated to your reputation and success, and is always in tune with your customer’s needs. We ensure quality workmanship, competitive turnaround times, and full warranty for components under our management. By ensuring your component is rapidly returned to operations, it reduces your need to secure additional on-shelf inventory.

We provide a regular status of all your components–allowing you to concentrate on your fleet knowing each unit’s work-in-process situation. We manage the entire logistics operation–visiting shops as necessary to oversee the work and qualify defects as reported. We assure a reliable MRO service experience. You are in good hands with Aventure.

Parts covering all ATA chapters

  • Hydraulic actuators, valves, landing gears, integrated drive generators, and major components
  • Fuel pumps, engine accessories and related system components
  • Auxiliary power units and systems
  • Propellers and related components
  • Pneumatic systems, heat exchangers, air cooling and turbine systems
  • Electro-mechanical parts solenoids and sensors
  • Hydraulic, fuel and pneumatic flow control accessories
  • Flight controls and structural parts
  • Avionics accessories and cockpit instrumentation
  • Oxygen system, safety equipment and cockpit and cabin interior items
  • Engine fan blades and vanes, QEC and accessories
  • Line replaceable units
  • Expendable hardware
  • Wheels, tires, brakes and brake pads
  • Windshield and cabin windows
  • Pilot seats, premium and economy cabin seats

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