End-of-Life Aircraft Solutions

New revenue opportunity for retired or end-of-life aircraft

Aventure provides owners the option to sell or consign their end-of-life or retired aircraft asset to us. We are experienced in all aspects of aircraft teardown. This includes identifying the acquisition, planning the disassembly, selecting the parts to harvest, project oversight, recycling the hull, refurbishing and storing parts, marketing, sales, and collecting the proceeds.

With a ready network of markets and customers with a high demand for parts, our asset management team can tailor a partnership program to meet the needs of owners, hedge fund managers, private equity funds, and institutional investors–and provide the best return on your retired asset.

Aventure has a proven track record in the industry with over 1,500 customers world-wide. With our established client base and ability to sell parts globally, consider us a business partner who clearly understands the industry.

We have preferred access to all major US aviation companies who have allocated set asides and wish to spend towards minority-owned businesses.

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