Aventure Prepares for Pent-up Air Travel Demand as Pandemic Wanes

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – The history of aviation has shown that setbacks due to events not connected with travel always bounce back with greater thrust. 

The past year has reconfirmed aviation is an integral part of global transportation. While passenger traffic was down, time-sensitive air freight helped fill this role. With concerns about quarantines and vaccinations now receding, there is pent-up demand for air travel from vacation seekers that will bolster global demand. 

As it happens in every crisis, the aviation industry has continued to evolve, innovate, and improve services. This scenario will lead to new airlines entering the market. 

Before COVID-19, many airlines grew their fleet by acquiring newer aircraft, while postponing retirements to accommodate passenger growth. The current downturn is likely to lead to the replacement of many older airplanes, and Aventure Aviation is planning to acquire more Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Bombardier aircraft for harvesting in-demand parts, and refurbishing them for customers. 

During the past months, Aventure has doubled-down on such opportunities, forming alliances and synergies. A significantly increased commercial and military aircraft parts inventory is ready to serve their customers. Contact Aventure to discuss opportunities.

Long line of passengers inside an airport terminal