A group of 18 staff members, smiling and facing the camera, inside a building lobby with a sign saying Aventure Aviation, and a table with various model aircraft

Team Aventure

Aventure Aviation’s devoted team works across our five global offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Istanbul, London, and Toronto to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the aviation parts needs of our customers. Our team is devoted to this purpose, and we are available 24/7/365 in all time zones.

Each and every one of our employees represent the dedication of our company. We are driven, committed, problem solvers who are acutely aware that our individual and collective prosperity is directly tied to the success of our customers. 

Our team consists of highly proficient professionals experienced with the needs of commercial and military fleets, and component maintenance, repair and overhaul services. Together we are a formidable force to ensure that our customer needs are met by finding solutions and delivering on promises. 

We have a diversified work force that offers unique talents, perspectives, and ideas in everything that we do. A core value of our team is mutual respect, and the importance of giving back to the community.

After two decades in business, our team remains strong, stands united, and is ready to help customers all over the world reach new heights.

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Senior Staff

Portrait photo of Talha Faruqi, Vice President of Aventure Avaition

Talha Faruqi


Talha has been with Aventure since 2003. He began his career with Aventure as a warehouse assistant, before joining the sales department. After many successful years in sales, he was promoted to Vice President. He served in this role during a tremendous period of growth for the company, leading to his promotion to President in 2021.

In his efforts to actively support Aventure’s customers, Talha has traveled to every continent but Antarctica. He thrives on the fast-paced aviation industry which “never sleeps,” as aircraft are flying somewhere at every moment of every day.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and playing on the company soccer team, the Aventure Flyers.

Talha holds a Bachelor of Science in both Applied Mathematics and International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

email Talha : +1.770.632.7930

Portrait photo of Zaheer Faruqi, President of Aventure Avaition

Zaheer Faruqi

CEO – Customers • Employees • Owners 

Zaheer is responsible for the success and strategic direction of the company. He oversees the company’s operations, taking great interest in ensuring that the right staff are hired, and that they are provided with the proper training and facilities needed to make their jobs challenging and fun.

His favorite part about working at Aventure is forming relationships with customers, to ensure that he understands their specific parts requirements. He also takes great satisfaction in training the Aventure staff to better serve their customers.

Zaheer was first attracted to the aviation field by his childhood love of airplanes.

When not working, he enjoys reading business books, volunteering in the community, and helping those in need improve their daily lives.

Zaheer holds a Masters in Administrative Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology. He has FAA airframe and powerplant licenses, and has completed multiple courses from Airbus and Boeing.

email Zaheer : +1.770.632.7930

Portrait photo of Amyr Qureshi, Senior Vice President of Aventure Avaition

Amyr Qureshi

Senior Vice President

Amyr started his professional career as a lead support to an aviation expert at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. He soon worked his way up to flight operations, performance engineering, fleet planning and analysis.

As his career developed, Amyr focused on corporate development functions, including project engineering, planning, marketing management, and business development.

Amyr was attracted to the aviation field by his fascination with flight. He likes to say that he was “nearly born” into aviation when his expectant mother took a joy ride in a single engine Cessna. At the tender age of four, his father took him inside a West African Airways Dakota DC-3 parked at Kano International Airport in Nigeria, and he was hooked.

Amyr has since traveled to more than 75 countries, and enjoys working with customers from diverse cultures around the world. When not working, Amyr enjoys reading and motor sports.

Amyr holds a Master of Business Administration in Aviation, and a Master of Science in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida. He has also earned a number of professional training certifications from Boeing.

email Amyr : T +1.770.632.7930 : M +1.647.296.8577

Portrait photo of Hamzah Faruqi, Director of Sales of Aventure Avaition

Hamzah Faruqi

Director of Sales

Hamzah Faruqi directs and supports Aventure’s commercial aviation sales staff. His constant focus is on meeting company sales goals while exceeding customer expectations.

Hamzah has been with Aventure since 2003. One of the things he most enjoys about working in the aviation field is the opportunity to work with customers and vendors from all over the world.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, rowing, and digital sports games.

Hamzah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Georgia State University.

email Hamzah : +1.770.632.7930

Portrait photo of Ron Taylo, Operations Manager of Military Sales for Aventure Avaition

Ron Taylo

Operations Manager, Military Sales

As Operations Manager for Aventure Aviation’s military sales, Ron Taylo plans and coordinates all aspects of the company’s military-related operations. 

Ron maintains and helps to grow Aventure’s military business relationships by coordinating strategic, tactical and marketing business plans to achieve military sales targets.

email Ron : +1.770.632.7930

Portrait photo of Chris Jackson, Quality Control Manager of Aventure Avaition

Chris Jackson

Quality Control Manager

As Quality Control Manager, Chris Jackson is responsible for the high quality of Aventure’s deliverables. He plans and administers all phases of quality functional activities, while managing the daily activities of the warehouse.

Chris works with our international customers on new product introduction, process improvements, quality plans, and resolutions.

He first began working in the aviation industry in 2000. Prior to working for Aventure, Chris was Assistant Warehouse Manager for a supplier of aircraft parts.

Chris was first attracted to the aviation field by his love of fighter jets. He enjoys the continuous challenges of the field.

When not working, he enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting.

email Chris : +1.770.632.7930