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Honoring U.S. Airborne Forces for National Airborne Day

Several paratroopers glide with chutes open through a cloudy sky

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure honors U.S. airborne forces by celebrating National Airborne Day on August 16. This day commemorates the first official U.S. military parachute jump, which took place in 1940 in Aventure’s home state of Georgia at Fort…

Aventure Honors U.S. Air Force 75th Anniversary

Happy 75th Birthday – U.S. AIrforce – September 18, 1947

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation honors the 75th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force, as the company looks forward to prominent military trade shows next month.  Founded September 18, 1947, the U.S. Air Force heritage goes back nearly four…

Honoring the Fathers of Aviation

Wright Brothers aircraft flying in the sky as three figures wave from the ground

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Father’s Day is June 19 in the United States. For this occasion, we would like to honor the “Fathers of Aviation” Sir George Cayley, Orville Wright, and Wilbur Wright. In 1849, Englishman Sir George Cayley built the world’s…