Freighter Conversions Key to Post-Pandemic Consumer Demands

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Pandemic lockdowns have shown that communities will survive and adapt, particularly with help from the internet. With people avoiding brick-and-mortar stores, there has been a huge increase in courier and delivery services. 

More sellers are offering their products online, giving a rise to companies like Amazon and Alibaba—all while buyers expect to receive their products faster. 

In response, companies are using algorithms to predict future orders and position products to nearby warehouses, and there is a growing need for freight to be carried by air, requiring more cargo aircraft. 

Amazon started their own airline “Prime” with converted Boeing 767s. This pivot is necessary as older cargo aircraft are being retired, such as the McDonnell Douglas DC8, MD11, Airbus A300, and Boeing 727. Replacements must have ample stock available for passenger to freighter conversion. These include the Boeing 737-800, 757, 767, and Airbus A321. Even the Bombardier CRJ200 is a conversion candidate for short hauls.

Aventure Aviation is supporting future conversion aircraft, and has significant stock for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and a huge inventory for Embraer regional jets. Aventure is looking to buy more end-of-lease, retired, or parked aircraft, to help airlines, MRO facilities, leasing companies, and investors manage their assets and get a healthy return on their investments.

Illustration of a cargo airplane being loaded