Aventure Sponsors University Team Using Drones to Help Farmers in Rural Pakistan

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation is sponsoring a team of university students at Karachi’s Institute of Business Administration (IBA), to explore ways to use agricultural drones to help rural farmers in Pakistan increase their crop yields. 

The team produced a feasibility study to optimize agricultural operations and empower farmers who presently carry out chemical crop protection and fertilizer applications manually.

The team members are Muhammad Saad Khan, Ibad Ur Rehman Shamsi, Muzammil Imran, and Zohaib Abdul Samad.

The students visited seven villages and towns in Pakistan’s southeastern Sindh province, and consulted with farmers working lots ranging from 50 to 1,200 acres. Local officials helped translate to regional dialects. 

Farmers viewed videos of agricultural drones applying fertilizer and pesticide treatments, while team members identified the specific benefits of drone technology. 

“Their enthusiasm was tremendous,” said team leader Muhammad Saad Khan. “Several farmers have allocated portions of their farms for trial testing.”

“We were impressed by the team’s in-depth research, and the guidance provided by the IBA counselors,” said Ebrahim Zakaria, Aventure’s vice president of sales. “The team brought back vital knowledge that will help agricultural drone companies significantly enhance crop yields, while reducing fertilizer and pesticide application costs.” 

“This technology will empower farmers to increase crop production and foster sustainable agricultural methods,” said Aventure marketing representative Michael Griffiths Jr. “Ultimately, this will reduce their dependency on food imports and make the country self-sustaining in agriculture.” 

About two dozen men in a rural setting hold a banner saying "Aventure Aviation – IBA Institute of Business Administration, experiential learning project partnership
IBA students with town officials and farmers in Sind Province, Pakistan.