Aventure Acquires Significant Inventory of Boeing 777 Parts

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation has acquired a significant inventory of Boeing 777 parts, which are currently at their main facilities in Atlanta, Georgia. The parts were harvested from a 13-year-old Vietnam Airlines 777-200ER (MSN33505) with Pratt & Whitney PW4090 engines. It was operated by the airline from delivery in 2004 until 2017, and had approximately 50,000 hours and 12,000 cycles. The parts consists of all airframe systems and will be available in various conditions.

“This additional inventory will help us serve our Boeing customers who have been demanding that we stock such parts to service their fleets,” said Sarah Erarslan, an Aventure customer service representative. “Our robust database has identified potential users and their needs, so we are confident this new acquisition will lead to satisfied customers.”

Aventure Aviation is currently in discussions with leasing companies, financial institutions, and airlines, to acquire several other end-of-life and retired aircraft, as well as excess inventories. Customers seeking solutions for their assets are asked to contact Aventure to discuss their needs.

Aventure Aviation: Boeing 777