Food Bank Assisted by Aventure Staff

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure employees volunteered on June 28 to help the Midwest Community Food Bank send packages of food to distribution centers in South Carolina, Tennessee, and the greater Atlanta area. Each package contain four servings of a balanced meal low in cost but high in nutrients.

Midwest Food Bank is a faith-based organization that distributes over $18.5 million worth of food to over 1,700 non-profits each month. Started in 2003, the organization has grown to 10 locations in the U.S., East Africa and Haiti. They established a location in Aventure’s location of Peachtree City, Georgia in 2011.

“We look forward to continuing our involvement with the Midwest Food Bank, and are honored and humbled to have played a small part in making someone’s day a just a little brighter,” said Aventure sales representative Ebrahim Zakaria.

Aventure team members at the Midwest Community Foodbank warehouse (L to R): Rachel Ibarra, Adrian Gallard, Ebrahim Zakaria, Hamzah Faruqi, Melissa Coleman-Grina, Lyly Cao, Ron Taylo, and Melinda Baker.