Father’s Day Celebrated by Aventure

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Father’s Day in the United States is held the third Sunday of June, and celebrates the significant roles fathers make in their children’s lives. Aventure Aviation would like to highlight the contributions made by Aventure’s fathers. 

Aventure was founded in 2001 by two fathers, Zaheer Faruqi and Amyr Qureshi. Zaheer’s three sons, Talha, Hamzah, and Osman, worked part-time in the Aventure warehouse during high school and while on college breaks. Over the years, they worked their way up to positions of leadership with the company, and became fathers themselves.

“Being a dad is awesome! My kids put everything I do into perspective because everything I do is for them,” said Ebrahim Zakaria, vice president of sales. “Balancing work and family life is challenging but so extremely rewarding.”

Staff accountant Jonathan Craig recently joined the club of fathers at Aventure Aviation.

“My favorite thing is witnessing the changes and milestones every day,” Jonathan said. “There are challenges balancing work and caring for a newborn,” he added. “Being able to work from home when necessary has helped a lot!”

A family of four smiling in front of a "step and repeat" backdrop saying "Aventure Aviation Happy Holidays 2023 " with blue balloons
Aventure Aviation sales director and father Andrew Crombie, with his family at the 2023 company holiday party.