Consignment Tips Offered From Aventure

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Due to the downturn in the aviation industry, airlines, leasing companies and fund managers have found themselves with excess inventory of aircraft and parts. 

“The road to recovery appears to be long, and aircraft owners are paying for storage, parking, maintenance, leasing, interest, and insurance–with no immediate way to recover those funds,” said Andrew Crombie, a commercial sales representative for Aventure. “Under such circumstances, we recommend they consign these assets to recoup some of the lost opportunities and revenue.” 

“A successful consignment process requires a dependable consignee with proven experience, strong customer relationships, and the ability to review technical records to ascertain a true current value,” added Amyr Qureshi, Aventure’s Senior Vice President. 

“In case of a teardown, the consignee must have experience providing oversight, and expertise in selecting which parts must be harvested off the aircraft,” Amyr continued. “Logistics must also be considered. The storage location must allow fast shipping to almost any destination in the world.” 


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