Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure is celebrating the Lunar New Year. Also known as the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing power, nobility, honor, luck, and success.

Aventure’s New York City-based director of sales for China and Eastern Asia, Xiaohang (Steven) Qu, recounts how his family keeps their New Year traditions alive.

“In Xi’an, the heart of Northern China, it’s a time of joyful reunion and cherished traditions,” said Steven. “Our home buzzes with excitement as relatives gather around the kitchen table, sharing stories and folding delicious jiaozi dumplings symbolizing prosperity. Fireworks crackle outside, but inside, it’s the warmth of family that truly lights up the night.”

“My family in New York keeps the new year spirit alive. We, too, make jiaozi, laughing as we try to replicate the skilled movements of my parents back in Xi’an.”

“The New York skyline, a stark contrast to the ancient city walls of my hometown, serves as the backdrop to our modest celebration. My children’s eyes light up as they receive their hongbao, red envelopes with lucky money, a sweet reminder of the joy and generosity that this festival embodies.”

Whether Xi’an or 7,200 miles away in New York, the essence of the Lunar New Year remains the same–a celebration of family, tradition, and the hope for a prosperous year ahead.

"Happy New Year 新年快乐 – Aventure Aviation" Illustration of a red dragon over a cloud in the sky