Aventure’s Military Division Prepares for Fall Events – Aims to be ‘Top Gun’

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – The military division of Aventure Aviation will welcome people attending a number of military aviation conferences taking place in the U.S. this fall. The Hercules C-130 and Orion P-3 Conference (HOC) will take place in Aventure’s hometown of Atlanta, with others taking place in or near the State of Georgia. 

“We are excited for in-person meetings again, and can’t wait to welcome several of our foreign customers,” commented Ron Taylo, operations manager of military sales. “We have recently signed several Basic Order Agreements, and look forward to signing more during these events.” 

Founded in 2001, Aventure started its military division in 2010. In 2020, military sales helped support the company through the commercial airline flight shortage caused by the pandemic. Aventure plans to expand its military staff in the coming year. 

“Our hardworking military staff kept us going strong during 2020,” Ron added. “It only makes sense to continue to build on this momentum.”  

“Aventure has a growing military customer base, and serving them effectively is paramount,” said Lyly Cao, government sales manager. “We are seeking talented sales staff who are ‘Top Gun’ in both military and commercial sales, with a proven track record of winning sales and strong end-user relationships. 

An F-16 fighter pilot in flight watches his wingman from his cockpit