Aventure Participates at Dublin Aviation Summit

DUBLIN, IRELAND – Aventure Aviation was recognized for its contributions in growing international business in Georgia by the Asian-American Heritage Foundation (AAHF). The recognition was accepted May 23 at the AAHF annual banquet, by Lyly Cao, Aventure′s Government Sales Manager.

Aventure Aviation participated in the MRO Global Dublin Aviation Summit held May 14–16, by exhibiting and moderating three conference panels: “What is the economic life of an aircraft?,” “Aircraft Lease Transitions” and “Life Cycle Management–Spares & Parts Supply.”

Organized by Airline Economics magazine, the summit aim is to bring together global decision makers from leading MROs, financial sectors and asset managers under one roof.

Aventure was praised for sharing its advice and experiences by Guy Helliker, Sales Manager of Airline Economics.

 Lyly Cao, Aventure′s Government Sales Manager, displays the AAHF recognition.

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