Aventure Celebrates Lunar New Year

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure joins those celebrating the Chinese New Year, also known around the world as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. The holiday is among the most important in China. 2022 marks the year of the Tiger, a symbol of strength, exorcising evils, and braveness.

In anticipation of the holiday, most people working in large urban areas return to their hometowns. “Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, become relatively empty, and the former bad traffic disappears!,” said Liu (Jason) Guibin, Aventure’s Beijing-based Customer Support Manager for China.

“We attach color paper, called duilian, on our front door. For New Year’s Eve, our family and most others celebrate with a long, festive dinner. Afterwards, many will play Mahjong, or shoot fireworks. Most families will watch the CCTV New Year’s Gala on TV until the early hours of the next morning,” Jason added.

Happy New Year - 2022 Year of the Tiger