Aventure Aviation Honors Top MRO Shops with New Award

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation has announced the winners of the inaugural “Top 3 in MRO” award, presented by Aventure during MRO Americas in Dallas, Texas. 

The award was created to recognize entities providing excellence in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The recipients are Delta Tech Ops of Atlanta, Georgia, Avionics Specialist, Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee, and Aerostar of Mobile, Alabama. 

Award criteria is based on three years of consistent MRO service to Aventure Aviation, with multiple component repairs completed each year, a history of successfully sustaining project deadlines, outstanding customer service with regular project updates, and attendance at the MRO conference. 

Winners were selected through Aventure’s repair data, in conjunction with customer service score cards.

“We created this award to recognize shops performing to our highest standards,” said Aventure Aviation President Talha Faruqi. “These are reliable shops that stand true to their time and price commitments, keep the window of communication open, and most importantly make quality repairs.” 

Over the past three years Aventure Aviation has outsourced over $7 million in parts to MRO shops from aircraft teardowns and sub-contacted repair management work. During this period, Aventure purchased 16 aircraft for component harvesting. That number projected to triple over the next three years.

“With over 70% of our sales going to international customers, we encourage shops to take advantage of our outsourcing needs for MRO work,” said Andrew Crombie, Aventure’s Sales Director.

Two people presenting an award to two others at an aviation tradeshow
(L to R) Aventure’s Ebrahim Zakaria, David Dahler and Colleen Sweet of Avionics Specialist, Inc., and Aventure’s Andrew Crombie.