Aventure Aviation Acquires Boeing 757 to Dismantle for Parts

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation has acquired a Boeing 757-200, MSN 25073 for teardown. The dismantling commenced recently in Tucson, Arizona. This specific aircraft was selected for its condition, age, and low times and cycles over several other B757s that were shortlisted for purchase.

“Our aim has always been to supply quality after-market parts with full trace and useful remaining life,” said Aventure’s Senior Vice President, Amyr Qureshi. “We tediously reviewed all technical records and choose this 757 to be the ideal most candidate for the teardown,” continued Mr. Qureshi, who thoroughly inspected the aircraft in Tucson.

“This purchase is a further testament to the continued support for our global customers who operate Boeing 757s and 767s in their fleet due to the commonality between the two types,” Mr. Qureshi added.

All harvested parts are being inspected on-site, and shipped from Tucson to Aventure’s main facilities in Peachtree City, Georgia, USA, located near Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport.

“Our last Boeing teardown was a 767-300,” said Melissa-Coleman Grina, Aventure’s Senior Director of Sales. “With our new 757 acquisition, our Boeing parts inventory will increase and be an even more extensive resource for our customers,” she continued.

Once refurbished, the harvested parts will very soon be available to end users on exchange as well as outright basis.

Boeing 757 being dismantled for parts

Aventure Aviation’s Boeing 757-200 being prepared for teardown in Tucson, Arizona.