Aventure Acquires Second COPA Airlines 737NG for Teardown

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation has acquired a second Boeing 737NG, MSN 30460, recently retired by Copa Airlines. The teardown is currently underway in Roswell, New Mexico. Components include the landing gear set, APU, and various ATA chapter parts. Aventure’s first Copa Airlines 737NG was acquired in 2021. 

Aventure is in active discussions with owners, financial institutions, lessors, and airlines to find revenue-generating teardown solutions for idle aircraft. Talks have increased due to the amount of early lease returns from Russia and conflict zones.

“Our teardowns have a proven track record because of our efficient handling of the entire process from start to finish,” said Sales Director Andrew Crombie.

“We have received much interest from owners facing the never-ending costs of keeping aircraft parked with recurring maintenance, insurance, and parking fees,” said Talha Faruqi, President of Aventure. “Our ability to offer immediate purchase or consignment options are valued by our clients.”

“We continue to see opportunities to purchase aircraft part-out. Andrew added. “With the 737NG cargo conversion rate outpacing any other aircraft type, it makes sense to build up our spare parts capabilities to support our customers.”

Aventure will be available to discuss options at the ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading) Americas conference to be held March 6–8 in San Diego. 

Aventure is also considering the acquisition of several other Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Bombardier aircraft, focusing on end-of-life aircraft for dismantling and conversion.

Copa Airlines Boeing 737NG on the ground with batches of snow.
Aventure’s second Copa Airlines Boeing 737NG at Roswell, New Mexico.