Aventure Acquires Boeing 737NG

PEACHTREE CITY, USA – Aventure Aviation has acquired its first Boeing 737NG airframe (MSN 28497) for teardown. The item is being stored at Cotswold Airport in the United Kingdom, with Air Salvage International. 

The aircraft was last operated by Jet Time A/S in Denmark, and has been under a maintenance storage plan since its recent removal from service. It has a half-life auxiliary power unit, and over seven years of green time remaining on its landing gear. 

“This is an exciting new purchase for Aventure. As the aviation industry looks to rebound from pandemic-related lows earlier in the year, it has become clear that the 737NG platform will continue to lead the recovery. Coupled with the recent trend in converting older 737NGs into freighters, there will remain a strong demand for parts support going forward,” said Talha Faruqi, Aventure Aviation Vice President.

“We continue to see interesting opportunities to purchase aircraft part-out,” Mr. Faruqi added. “As the commercial aviation industry continues to struggle, operators and leasing companies are searching for reputable companies willing to take on their surplus aircraft. Aventure has the financing and capabilities to purchase these assets.”

Aventure Aviation is presently considering the acquisition of other Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier models, focusing on end-of-life aircraft for dismantling and conversion.

Boeing 737NG in flight